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Katie Works for Us.

Personal Story:  I have been a life-long south-east Michigan resident.  There's almost nothing I love more than the smell of a fresh water lake or crackle of midwestern summer thunderstorm.  In the summer, I look forward to long evenings on the back deck with friends and family.  But I have also known the sting of recession and the struggles many  Michiganders had during the downturn in our region's economy.  I'm a proud mother and nurse.  I have attended both the University of Michigan and Wayne State University and have always had a professional focus on people. 


Professional Story:  I first came to Ann Arbor as a student in 1992, back when we had the same area code as the entire Metro Detroit area. Now Washtenaw county has its own 734 identity and I'm proud to be a part of this burgeoning region. I have been a nurse in the ICU for almost ten years after receiving my BSN at the University of Michigan as part of their Second Career program.  Additionally I am an active member of my nurse union and serve as a representative in my local and on the state board.  I have used my strong voice to advocate for my patients, peers, and profession, and now I am ready to advocate for Washstenaw county residents too.  


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